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  U S E FU L   R E S O U R C E S

Find money to study abroad

Get the latest college rankings

Get involved in community service

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it

Maya Angelou


International Scholarships


Many international students think that studying abroad, especially in the US, is impossible. The reality? Whether you're born in Indiana or India, Pittsburgh or Paris, getting a four-year degree at a top US university is expensive but always possible.


One of the biggest challenges for international students is having enough money to pay for study abroad. How will you finance your dream to study in the US or Canada? What are the real costs to live & pursue a college degree in North America, including tuition, housing & related fees? Can international students receive financial aid, scholarships, grants or loans? There are several options available, from needs-based to merit-based assistance. So, do your homework. You'll be steps closer to turning your dream into reality!


Essay Contests for High School Students

Enter a writing competition to stand out & win cash. There are several opportunities available to submit your work & receive a lucrative college scholarship. Check competition rules & deadlines. You can't win if you don't try!

American Foreign Service Association Contest

Bennington Young Writer's Award

EGirl Essay Contest

JFK Profile in Courage Essay Contest

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards


US & World College Rankings


Every year, well-known lists are published by a variety of groups ranking the world's best places to study. The methodology of these groups vary.  In a nutshell, they each collect statistics, comments & criticism from the respective university, alumni & industry.  Using this data, they create a set of criteria in their ranking formulas, placing importance on critical elements, including quality of academic curriculum, number of tenured faculty, percentage of successful graduates, and average starting salary of recent grads.  While college rankings can give applicants an idea of which universities are most selective & prestigious, they should not be used in absolute terms or as your primary filter:  rankings are inherently biased. Instead, use the information to supplement your college search efforts.  Just because a college is ranked in the Top 10 does not necessarily mean it would be a good fit for your personality and/or academic pursuits.



International Organizations 


Get involved. Volunteer. Contribute to your community.  If your school doesn't offer afterschool activities, there are numerous nonprofits, foundations & charitable causes available to students, no matter where you live. Remember to also look in your own backyard! You'll discover local associations or clubs to help others.



College Fairs :  Meet-And-Greet with University Admissions Reps 


Every year, US & Canadian universities send their Director of Admissions, Assistant Director, alum, or current student(s) around the world to speak directly to students & parents for a one-day or multiple day event known as a College Fair.  Register for an international college fair, usually held in the Fall and/or Spring.  It's one of the best ways to get more information on the school's academic strengths, campus life, admissions & financial aid policies.        





Find out which fairs are happening when & where :


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