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T O P  1 0   T I P S   F O R   A P P L I C A N T S

1     Get prepped early

2     Create a personal action plan

3     Target " best fit" schools

4     Stay organized

5     Get involved

6     Focus on the love of learning

7     Discover & follow your passions

8     Compete against yourself, not others

9     Be self-aware

10   Showcase your authentic self

A goal without a plan
is just a wish

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry



Get prepped early

To ultimately assemble a strong application, start planning as early as 8th grade. 


Create a personal action plan

From coursework to extracurricular activities & summer experience, commitment

to your overall academic success begins with a structured roadmap.


Target "best fit" schools

Don't apply to name-brand schools for vanity's sake.  With over 3,000 colleges in

the USA & Canada, check out schools which may actually fit you much better.


Stay organized

Keeping essential documents, transcripts & schoolwork in proper order will

lessen your stress throughout high school & the college application process.


Get involved

Participation in extracurricular activities will speak volumes about your ability

to contribute to the community & potential to work well and/or lead others.


Focus on the love of learning

Investing time & effort in acquiring knowledge always pays off in the long-term.

Never obsess about grades.  Obsess about learning.


Discover & follow your passions

Spend time to think about what you really love doing.  Consider what type of environment would be ideal to suit your true interests & nurture them.


Compete against yourself, not others

Instead of comparing yourself against what others are doing, ask yourself a simple question : what impact do you want to make with your own life?


Be self-aware

Soul-searching. Self-reflection. Call it what you want. The object is to constantly question who you are, what inspires you, and who you want to be.


Showcase your authentic self

Personal essays & interviews provide the opportunity to distinguish your true self. Providing an honest portrait will work wonders to demonstrate your merits.

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