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T H E   I V Y M E T R I X   A D V A N T A G E

When the pressure is high to succeed, count on IvyMetrix for reliable

& friendly support during any phase of the college application process.


Guiding you with seasoned experience & proven expertise, we'll help you develop a structured academic roadmap, showcase your unique profile, meet time-critical deadlines & ultimately submit your college application(s) with confidence & quality.


IvyMetrix makes every effort to help reduce harmful stress levels in today's anxious-ridden environment.  Giving full attention to overall health & well-being, we prioritize a balanced perspective & lifestyle for every applicant.  Getting to know you is a big part of our job.  Listening to your needs is vital to properly assess which academic route, college campus, geography & social setting would best correspond to long-term goals.


Sharing knowledge of the university admissions process, our team of expert advisors & educational partners provide personalized counseling & training of the highest academic caliber, encouraging greater self-assessment, self-awareness & self-development so each applicant can reach his or her fullest potential as an independent thinker & doer.


Our full range of customized services include 


  • Pre-college academic preparation & guidance

  • Pre-application student assessment

  • Selection of best universities & academic programs that correspond to a student's needs & set of criteria (academic, financial, personal)

  • Planning & guidance for one or multiple college applications                (4-year/2-year programs)

  • Planning & guidance for summer enrichment programs             (academic, athletic, theatre/creative arts & experiential)

  • Planning & guidance for college visits & appointments

  • Personal essay coaching

  • Supplemental material advising 

  • Final application review, feedback & proofreading

  • Early action vs. early decision guidance

  • Pre-admission interview preparation

  • Post-application advising (acceptance, waitlist, deferral)

  • Final decision / pre-enrollment advising

  • Transfer or re-application advising

  • Gap year student advising & academic planning

  • International student guidance (visas, supplemental testing, what to expect while studying & living abroad)

  • Standardized test prep

  • Academic tutoring

  • English language immersion learning

  • Soft-skills building

minimize stress
maximize results
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